Squirrel cage rotor motors

Squirrel cage rotor motors can be used with single phase alternating current employing various inductance and capacitance devices that change the characteristics of the single-phase voltage and make it look like the biphasic one. This type is called multiphase motors or capacitor or capacitor sfh40a motors, depending on the devices used.

Battery motors in series with switches, which work with both direct and alternating current, are called universal motors. These are manufactured in small sizes and are used in household appliances.

Single-phase squirrel-cage motors do not have wide starting torque, and uses repulsion-induction motors for torque applications. This type of motor can be multiphase or capacitor, but has a manual or automatic switch that allows the current to flow between the switch brushes when the motor is started and the short circuits of all the switch segments after the engine reaches a critical speed. The induction-repulsion motors are thus called, as their starting torque, depending on the repulsion between the rotor and the stator, and their torque while in operation, will depend on the induction.

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