Specialized in Portuguese delights, it is headed by Vitor Sobral

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One of the great names in Portuguese gastronomy in Portugal. He got together in this
modern restaurant on Alameda Itu, 225, with Hugo Nascimento and Luís Espadana and
serves his meals in environments facing the street or on the sidewalk, at high and relaxed
tables. Another institution from São Paulo. It was born over 60 years ago and has always
received bohemians at night looking for their snacks and people working for lunch. For
those who like to enjoy the dawn of São Paulo, the Consolação restaurant is open until 5
am. The flagship of the menu is the beef steak. In its fifth generation of cook, this classic
Italian restaurant in São Paulo in Consolação serves Shrimp Mary Stuart with apple, fresh
cream and flambé in whiskey accompanied by white rice to the traditional Risotto à
Milanesa with Zaferano. Despite the tradition, the environment is very modern and the
wines, in addition to Italian wine institutions, tour countries like Israel, Chile, Spain and
Portugal. Varied contemporary cuisine, with Thai specialties and Bahian touches.” This is
the concept of the Mestiço, since its beginning in 1997.

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