The winding of electric motors must occur according to the manufacturer’s data on the number of coils per group and the connection between them, number of slots, type of winding, number of groups per phase, connection scheme, among others. Another important issue to be verified is the reduction of the mechanical stress on the magnetic plates, which can generate heating in the coils, thus doing its function. During winding of electric motors, we must avoid any damage to the stator as much as possible and, in case of exact coil change, it is important to remember that the size, diameter and number of coils must be kept.

If the rules provided by the manufacturer are not followed, or even if improper changes are made, the engine could be greatly damaged, and consequently be changed, resulting in unnecessary costs to the company. After this phase of verification and replacement of the correct parts, it is of paramount importance that other basic methods in the winding of electric motors are carried out, such as improving the already developed actions, aligning the maintenance and updating the parts to new ones and technologically advanced ones.

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