How to simplify an induction motor

With the installation of a capacitor in the terminal bar of the induction electric motor we can achieve that the maximum power transmitted to the load rises and this maximum happens in a higher voltage level. There is a maximum number of induction motors that can be connected in parallel, since the equivalent rated power of all motors must be less than the mechanical power corresponding to the maximum electrical power that can be transmitted to the terminal bar of the motors.

The internal load bar of the induction motor model will always be more charged than the terminal bar because there is an additional active power transmission effort from the terminal bar to the inner bar. However, the difference is so small, because the motor impedances are small when compared to those of the system, which, in order to analyze the conditions of voltage stability, it is enough to evaluate the indexes of the terminal bar. The indices calculated on the induction motor terminal bar are different. We conclude that simplifying the model of the induction motor by its injections of power consumed is inappropriate when it comes to the calculation of the voltage stability evaluation indices.

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