Home Paint Colors – See How to Choose

Choosing the ideal color for each room in the house does not always become an easy task. For
this, we need to evaluate some points, such as style and size of spaces. What I always indicate
to my clients in decorating consultations with online design, are light colors and off white
tones (which are colors close to white, such as beige, cream, light gray), as they leave smaller
visually larger environments and clean spaces, which they can be decorated with pictures and
colored objects, for example, without weighing down the look. There are countless colors and
brands, but we can highlight a good paint that is washable premium acrylic or not, because
generally in the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms we will coat some walls with
tiles, mosaics or wallpaper.
House painting in newton Infinity Pro
Bathrooms due to humidity the ideal is to be washable paint and
also has anti fungus and mold options. I selected colors that I like best and that can make your
environments modern and cozy. Let’s get the tips?
Small environments
They ask for light colors, to be visually bigger. Do not forget that the wall will be in the
background, because with the presence of furniture, pictures, carpets and curtains, the
environment will create personality and hide a good part of the walls. For those who like
darker colors, I recommend using only one highlighted wall, which does not necessarily have to
be paint, but a wood panel or wallpaper, for example. The ideal is to use the same color in
every room in the house. In larger buildings we can dare and abuse a little more, putting
different colors in the kitchen and living room, for example, but maintaining the same tone to
give visual uniformity and more elegance.

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