By understanding how your ideal customer thinks, you will be able to better assimilate what they expect from your location.

The places they go to, the level of service they are used to, what time they eat, how they get
around, what routes they take, if they have children or not, among other information.
Knowing who you compete with is essential in every business. After all, it is the only way to
create a competitive advantage and get ahead. Therefore, identifying the other restaurants
in the vicinity is very important to assess the potential of a commercial point. And do not think
that the existence of other restaurants in the vicinity is an obstacle. Not necessarily!
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For example, you want to open a restaurant per pound in a commercial area. Spend shoe
soles and identify the other establishments that offer the same service nearby. If there are
clear signs of saturation, such as long lines and delays in service, there may be a good
business opportunity there. Now, if demand is absorbed, it may be difficult to have room for
one more.
Don’t forget that if you choose to set up your restaurant in a place where there are
competitors, it will be necessary to create a very cool and exclusive differential to captivate
consumers’ preferences.

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